Running PowerShell Core using Docker

More and more of the Microsoft ecosystem is making its way into open source platforms. One of the very interesting products coming from the Microsoft camp lately is the PowerShell Core platform which is now ported to run on multiple underlying operating system environments. I covered the process to install the Mac OSX version which … Read more

Is Open Source a True Technical Requirement?

What does it really mean to have “must be open source” as a requirement? It’s actually both a requirement and a constraint if you think about it. More than that, is it really a true “requirement”? Let me lead with the fact that I advocate strongly for the use of open source platforms for a … Read more

Open Source Does Not Equal Vendor-Agnostic

One of the most common incorrect associations we see in the IT industry is that an open source project is vendor-agnostic. It is a false equivalence which can be something that really confuses what the open source ecosystem is all about. I don’t like to sound negative on some company’s approaches to using open platforms, … Read more

Is OpenStack Becoming TrumpStack?

You’re probably thinking this is a clickbait title, and admittedly I did take some liberties with the current political adventures happening. The concept I’m putting forward here is that the OpenStack community is often being divided on some very important and challenging areas. The reason I call this TrumpStack is that there is a strong … Read more