Building a HashiCorp Nomad Cluster Lab using Vagrant and VirtualBox

One of the greatest things about open source and free tools is that they are…well, open source, and free!  Today I’m sharing a simple HashiCorp Nomad lab build that I use for a variety of things.  The reason I want to be able to quickly spin up local lab infrastructure is so I can get … Read more

Deploying a Turbonomic Control Instance on a VirtualBox Lab

The lab is an ideal way to kick the tires on new ways to do things.  This means that you may want to use the same platforms that you use in your data center right in your local environment.  Recently, I wanted to test out a lot of the integration that Turbonomic has with CloudFoundry … Read more

Deploying a Docker Sandbox using Vagrant and VirtualBox

Even with the addition of more client-side tools for running Docker, it still requires installing development tools that may impact your local environment. Plus, I’m a fan of using VirtualBox to make sandbox environments that I can spin up and tear down as needed. This means that I never have to worry about version conflicts … Read more

Autoupdating VirtualBox Guest Additions with vagrant-vbguest

If you’re a fan of Vagrant and VirtualBox like me, you’ve probably got lots of resources you use it for. We get into the habit of bringing systems up and down thanks to the ease of Vagrant and VirtualBox working together, but one thing we often forget to do is to keep everything up to … Read more