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Think you are irreplaceable? – Information sharing is a necessity

We have all worked with this person. They are the one who knows the inner workings of all the strange systems, or understands some obscure process that nobody else understands, or perhaps wants to be responsible for. We do this ourselves quite often. When I launch a new system or process I am equally guilty of not always putting the …

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PowerShell – Splitting large log files

Have you ever found an issue with one of your systems and gone digging for the log file, only to find out that the file is too big to open for reading? There are a number of ways you can use in the *nix world, but for the Windows folks I’ve created a simple script to let you split the …

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Nice Flash messages in Rails 2 and Rails 3

I’ve been doing some Rails work recently and one of the things that I’ve found to be a nice aesthetic add-on is putting some nicer flash messages in. Over at there is an example which I’ve worked off of – The example is as follows. Add this section to your application_helper.rb def show_flash [:notice, :warning, :message].collect do |key| …