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PowerShell – Listing aged out computer accounts in Active Directory

Do you remember having to use OldCmp.exe  from JoeWare (great tools by the way) to capture a a list of computer accounts which have not been attached to your Active Directory for a period of time. Luckily with PowerShell and Quest ActiveRoles you can do this with a simple two line script. Here’s the code:

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PowerShell – Get serial numbers for computers in Active Directory

There are a lot of posts about pulling data from a file to do actions against computers/users. While this is valuable, I prefer to do dynamic capturing of computer and user objects directly from my Active Directory. This is a simple script which will capture a list of computers from Active Directory and subsequently pull the serial number using the …

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PowerShell bundle for TextMate

I’ve just installed this bundle for TextMate and it is nothing short of awesome. TextMate = happiness. With these powers I can become invincible!!!* Now if only I was a proper programmer I could really work some magic with these tools 🙂 * TextMate bundles do not actually make you invincible