Steel Doesn’t Float

At a recent Toronto VMware User Group I was inspired by a comment made during Mike Laverick’s keynote session. The gist of the remark was around how a ship is not really designed to float based on it’s materials, but in the way it’s constructed by using ballasts for displacement. I’d like to expand a … Read more

The Rise of the Generalist

If I could paraphrase the title of the Anthony Robbins powerfully popular book, I would pen one myself named “Awaken the Consultant Within”. There are many paradigm shifts in technology and business. Some are cyclic, and some are simply evolving methods which gain strength for varying durations. What had become a strong trend in the … Read more

VMware tip – Protocol error from VMX

Small tip, big victory. I have weekly snapshots and clones that are scheduled through vCenter. Suddenly one of the clone tasks stopped working and threw this error: A General System error occurred: Protocol error from VMX. Hmmm…that’s odd. It’s run fine up to now right? Luckily the fix couldn’t be too much simpler than this. … Read more