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Toronto VMUG – May 7th Event Recap

Today was not just another day in the world of me and DiscoPosse. I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at this morning’s Toronto VMUG session at the Toronto Convention Center. We had a great room of participants as always, and thanks to Angelo Luciani and the VMUG crew for putting together a great event. The session opened …

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Toronto VMUG Event – Thoughts and review

Two word review: Well done! For those who know, the VMware User Group (VMUG) community is a great resource. For anyone who is keen to get to view great presentations, network with peers and to gain access to targeted vendors and other community members, they will find it to be a great bunch of people with some great ideas and great technology. …

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Using the chicken to measure IT?

So you are probably wondering what the deal is with the title. It’s simple. Thanks to the late, great Frank Zappa and his movie/soundtrack Uncle Meat I’ve had this saying stuck in my mind for years. Try to think of it as a similar phrase as “yak shaving” “We’re involved in sort of a low key war against apathy. Most of …

The store is open!

Time to add some merchandise to the lineup! I’ve started up my cafepress store at and as I get designs up and rolling I’ll be flogging my wares there.