Managing your Digital Identity

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Friendster, Myspace, Blogger, WordPress, Flickr, Picasa and the list goes on. What this means for you is the embodiment of your digital identity. Combine this with Google, Bing, Wayback Machine and you have yourself a current and potentially a past view of your life as it exists in the online and real world. The very thing that …

Running in the Rain

Running in the rain

Forget singing in the rain. It’s about running in the rain today. I remember not too many years ago when I would look at people running in the rain and think that it was bizarre. Why bother right? It would be sunny another day which would be much better to be outside in. For me, running and cycling were methods …

New Beginning

Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, the new world begins. This isn’t a New Year’s resolution. Just a fresh start. Happy New Year to everyone. Hoping to be more effective at maintaining blogs, activities and life in general. Exciting times are ahead!