Updating (same as parent folder) records with DNSCMD and PowerShell

In an earlier post on the site (Microsoft DNS record updates using PowerShell and DNSCMD) I noted how PowerShell cannot natively update records in MS DNS, however we could leverage the DNSCMD command and pass parameters using a simple PowerShell script. A couple of comments came in regarding the records which are in DNS listed … Read more

PowerShell and Import-Csv CmdLet, Adding Headers – Part 3

This was a long overdue post, so thanks for sticking with me while I finally got back on track with our CSV, yeah you know me series (Here are Part 1 and Part 2). As I’d mentioned in the closing of Part 2, we want to be able to deal with files that have no … Read more

Using PowerShell Import-Csv – Looping with foreach – Part 2

Welcome to the continuation of our series on using the PowerShell function Import-CSV.  In part 1 of this series we touched on the basics of using the Import-Csv CmdLet by reading a file into an array variable and extracting elements and data from our input data. Looping with PowerSehll Import-CSV foreach To enhance this process … Read more

PowerShell and the Import-Csv CmdLet – A New PowerShell Series

Managing data inside a CSV file is surprisingly simple thanks to the PowerShell Import-CSV CmdLet. I’m often presented with data from different sources in a variety of formats, and by and large the common format used for data extracts is CSV. Regardless of the system that generates the content, we can all render and consume data … Read more