Podcast Episode 96 – How Learning and Teaching Tech Can be Game-Changing, with Ned Bellavance (@Ned1313)

Ned Bellavance is the voice and talent being NedInTheCloud.com and also the Day 2 Cloud Podcast.  Ned shares some powerful insights and fun lessons on how to learn, how he got into teaching and education, and what learning can do for the personal and community development in positive ways. Listen to the episode here: https://podcast.discoposse.com/e/ep-96-how-learning-and-teaching-tech-can-be-game-changing-with-ned-bellavance/ … Read more

Pluralsight Course Launched! Getting Started with HashiCorp Nomad

Another big day has arrived today with the launch of my latest Pluralsight course.  The Getting Started with HashiCorp Nomad course is now available which is aimed at folks who are on the Pluralsight platform.  I’ve been a long-time consumer of Pluralsight and am honored to once again add some content for sharing with the … Read more

OpenStack Learning Challenges – Drawing the Owl

It’s a funny meme that we see regularly. It can be the “How to make a Turducken” or “How to make reindeer cupcakes” or some kind of before and after craft process that is made to look seemingly simple by the expert who is doing it. My example I use regularly is one called “How … Read more

Why you need to be watching Tech Field Day

There are literally hundreds upon thousands of resources for information and learning in the technology ecosystem. That is an understatement really, but my point is that we have an incredible amount of great technical information being shared for all to see. What we do have a challenge with sometimes is separating the wheat from the … Read more