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PowerCLI – Add Multiple VLAN Port Groups to vSphere Cluster Standard vSwitches

A recent change to my networking environment added the requirement to put different VM guests onto different VLANs according to their role. This is a fairly common configuration for a lot of virtualized datacenters. What is also common is that we don’t have the design fully prepared when we build our virtual infrastructure. Limitations of Standard vSwitches One of the …

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PowerCLI – Enabling or Disabling VAAI in a vSphere Cluster

There are limited cases where you would need to do this, but since I’m a huge proponent for scripting anything I do, here is a programmatic (and quick) way to enable or disable VAAI functionality for your vSphere clusters. Why Disable VAAI? The first thing you are asking of course, is why on earth would we do this? In vSphere …

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PowerCLI – Globally setting VM Tools time sync and version upgrade options

Recently I was presented with the need to change the time synchronization and VM Tools installation options for a number of VM guest machines. While this is not challenging to do through the UI, I’m a big fan of doing everything possible through PowerCLI. And if you have larger numbers of machines in your VMware environment, those few clicks seem …