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The art of the shutdown – A PowerCLI adventure

One of the most talked about processes in VMware environments is the process of shutting down. While we strive to create “always on” systems, the reality is that we will at some point have to shut down a vSphere environment for one reason or another. Whether it is a planned event, or if we have to be prepared to react …

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Toronto VMUG – May 7th Event Recap

Today was not just another day in the world of me and DiscoPosse. I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at this morning’s Toronto VMUG session at the Toronto Convention Center. We had a great room of participants as always, and thanks to Angelo Luciani and the VMUG crew for putting together a great event. The session opened …

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Multi-Environment PowerShell console – AD, Exchange and PowerCLI in one happy place!

With the increase in the use of PowerShell as part of an administrator’s toolkit, it can be challening with multiple shells to administer different environments. I prefer using a single, multi-functional console, so what I have done is integrate all of the PowerShell modules into a single console using a simple script. This allows me to use one console to administer Active Directory, Exchange …