A Quick Primer on the Theory of Constraints

If you’ve been watching my blog, or heard me speak about The Phoenix Project, you may have some familiarity with something that I refer to all the time which is the Theory of Constraints and Technical Debt. This post is a quick primer on the Theory of Constraints, and I’ll dive into Technical Debt in … Read more

Change versus Transformation

While a lot of my day to day activity touches on technology, I always explain what I do to people as working with three things: People, Process and Technology. I always explain it in that order, and with good reason. People and process define how we use technology. Which brings me to what this post … Read more

Automation, Orchestration and Increasing the value of Human Capital

Automation and orchestration is a particularly hot topic these days, and with good reason. We are reaching a sort of critical mass in the expansion of software and infrastructure development. There are buzzwords flying about with the wide acceptance as Software Defined <insert technology here> because there is a fundamental shift in how we are … Read more