A Quick Primer on the Theory of Constraints

If you’ve been watching my blog, or heard me speak about The Phoenix Project, you may have some familiarity with something that I refer to all the time which is the Theory of Constraints and Technical Debt. This post is a quick primer on the Theory of Constraints, and I’ll dive into Technical Debt in … Read more

Putting the Fun in Sales Funnel: the power of a technology agnostic approach

We see it happening every every day in the world of technology marketing. It’s the moment that a conversation about a particular product or process moves from conversational to adversarial. As a blogger, customer, and architect, I have multiple ways that I have to look at technology depending on how I’m going to consume and … Read more

VMworld 2013 Wrap-up – It’s really all about people

After a whirlwind series of sessions, labs, events, meetups and great time in the hang space here at VMworld 2013 in San Francisco, I can say that one thing stood out about the whole event: People. People, Process, Technology I’m lucky to be in a position to be able to evangelize technology to people in … Read more