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The Simple Guide to Rails Pluralization

This is probably one of the simplest things, but something that I have to stop and ask myself over and over again:  when do I use singular or plural when using Rails generators?  I’ve been a long time fan and user of Ruby on Rails.  I’m also not a developer, so working with proper coding is actually foreign to me …

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How to Add a Favicon in Ruby on Rails Apps

Favicons are this nifty little icons on the tab of your browser to help give a little personalized identity rather than the blank page one which is the default This is one of the super fast things to fix yet I forget every time I build out a Rails app. Favicons can be created with a plethora of different sites. …

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Nice Flash messages in Rails 2 and Rails 3

I’ve been doing some Rails work recently and one of the things that I’ve found to be a nice aesthetic add-on is putting some nicer flash messages in. Over at there is an example which I’ve worked off of – The example is as follows. Add this section to your application_helper.rb def show_flash [:notice, :warning, :message].collect do |key| …