Transcribr – A Simple Transcription File Cleaning Tool

If you’ve ever used Zoom or other recording tools that have native transcription, you will know the pain of getting a file that looks like this: Very cool that they do the transcription for you, but there are some things missing. The primary issue is that it’s difficult to read. Transcribr – A Simple Ruby … Read more

The Simple Guide to Rails Pluralization

This is probably one of the simplest things, but something that I have to stop and ask myself over and over again:  when do I use singular or plural when using Rails generators?  I’ve been a long time fan and user of Ruby on Rails.  I’m also not a developer, so working with proper coding … Read more

Podcast Episode 70 – The making of with Paolo Arruda (@parrudanet) and Geoff Sullivan (@sullivg2)

Episode 70 – The making of with Paulo Arruda (@parrudanet) and Geoff Sullivan (@sullivg2) PODCAST LINK: LISTEN TO THE EPISODE HERE: Paulo Arruda is the creator of which is a serverless platform for Ruby that is already gaining significant traction as a platform. Geoff Sullivan is building the community engagement along with … Read more