Installing Hashicorp Vault on Ubuntu 16.04

Hashicorp is all kinds of awesome. That’s the real story here, but this is meant to highlight just one portion of the overall Hashicorp ecosystem. We are going to install Vault on Ubuntu in order to create a platform for storing secrets. This is part of the foundation of much of the 12-factor app concept, … Read more

Using Tags on Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean has recently added the ability to tag your droplets.  Tags will let us better organize our workloads with targeted searchable tags to identify features, roles, names, or any type of information at all. The tags implementation is different on Digital Ocean than some other environments, but you may find it similar to other … Read more

Introducing the Free Turbonomic Cloud Cost Control

One of the fun projects that we’ve been working on at Turbonomic is putting a new, free SaaS offering online to let you test out part of the Turbonomic Cloud Cost Control capabilities in the platform.  This is a quick walkthrough of the first generation of the platform. Welcome to Cloud Cost Control by Turbonomic … Read more

#vDM30in30 November 2016 – It’s On!

Because you didn’t already have too much in your backlog, let’s add another 30 things to do! It’s super simple to be involved.  Just follow these simple steps. It’s just that easy! Visit the #vDM3in30 Official Page here: #vdm30in30 How to #vDM30in30 in 4 easy steps Add a comment to this blog indicating you’re participating … Read more