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PowerShell – Get serial numbers for computers in Active Directory

There are a lot of posts about pulling data from a file to do actions against computers/users. While this is valuable, I prefer to do dynamic capturing of computer and user objects directly from my Active Directory. This is a simple script which will capture a list of computers from Active Directory and subsequently pull the serial number using the …

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PowerShell bundle for TextMate

I’ve just installed this bundle for TextMate and it is nothing short of awesome. TextMate = happiness. With these powers I can become invincible!!!* Now if only I was a proper programmer I could really work some magic with these tools 🙂 * TextMate bundles do not actually make you invincible

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PowerShell – Active Directory – Email users with password expiry < 14 days

PowerShell – Active Directory – Email users with password expiry under 14 days This script is handy for users who are not typically on your network (remote access, email only etc…). Normally users are warned at 14 days before expiry unless they are not logging into Active Directory through the workstation in which case they will not receive warnings until …

SCOM first impressions

So my colleague has installed Microsoft SCOM 2007 R2 and now I get to play with it! I helped a bit during the installation, but can’t say one way or the other how the total experience was. First impressions are very good. I know that there are a lot of tools available to do what I need to do, and …