Podcast Episode 70 – The making of FaaStRuby.io with Paolo Arruda (@parrudanet) and Geoff Sullivan (@sullivg2)

Episode 70 – The making of FaaStRuby.io with Paulo Arruda (@parrudanet) and Geoff Sullivan (@sullivg2) PODCAST LINK: http://podcast.discoposse.com/e/ep-70-the-making-of-faastrubyio-with-paolo-arruda-parrudanet-and-geoff-sullivan-sullivg2/ LISTEN TO THE EPISODE HERE: Paulo Arruda is the creator of FaaStRuby.io which is a serverless platform for Ruby that is already gaining significant traction as a platform. Geoff Sullivan is building the community engagement along with … Read more

Platform9 Announces General Availability of Managed Kubernetes and Fission Project!

Since the launch of the company, which I was pleased to be able to cover a lot of exciting changes and growth with Platform9 over the last couple of years. What began as the OpenStack-as-a-Service focus has expanded to embrace both feature additions within the OpenStack offering as well as the addition of Docker and … Read more