Adding Custom Domains and SSL/TLS with AWS Amplify

Woohoo! You’ve spun up your first AWS Amplify app successfully thanks to the work we did in our first post. That was cool until you realized that now you have some funky domain name like which is not super friendly (unless your business happens to be named ka8enrkjasdf8het LLC). Configuring a Custom Domain and … Read more

Setting up a Jekyll Website with AWS Amplify

One of the fun parts of living my life in technology is that I really enjoy building web sites for different things I’m working on. Ok, I have a few too many. The bigger challenge is that I have a few different types of sites that I’m building. Some are WordPress (which I use Kinsta … Read more

Manually Deploying a Jekyll Website to Amazon S3

Using Jekyll as web site generator is a very powerful way to make use of some interesting ways to create and deliver content. It’s much simpler than having to create and edit the entire site in raw HTML and CSS yourself. There are lots of templates available online to deploy on a Jekyll framework. What … Read more