Manually Deploying a Jekyll Website to Amazon S3

Using Jekyll as web site generator is a very powerful way to make use of some interesting ways to create and deliver content. It’s much simpler than having to create and edit the entire site in raw HTML and CSS yourself. There are lots of templates available online to deploy on a Jekyll framework. What … Read more

AWS Route53 Step-by-Step – Redirecting Domains GUI

While I’ve covered this one before with a specific two-step approach to do simple redirect.  This will repeat some of those steps with a new domain pointing to an alternate web site URL.  This is a real use-case example where I’ve bought a new domain that I want redirected to as the target. Sample … Read more

Unable to Delete Empty Elastic Beanstalk S3 Bucket

For those who are doing AWS work among the different projects, you will most likely do some storage on S3 (Simple Storage Service) for templates and logs.  Each AWS service has the ability to write its configuration and logs to S3 and is usually a part of the setup wizard. Sometimes the permissions set by … Read more