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Podcast Episode 99 – Why Your Social Strategy is Failing and How RollSocial Changes the Game with Founder, Tyler Kemp

Tyler Kemp is the founder of and,  Tyler works with small businesses, influencers, and sales/service professionals to help you cut through the noise and own the attention of your market.  Our conversation covers everything from the fundamentals of effective social strategy, creating empathy through social media outreach, and building a sustainable business with a bootstrap funding model.  Tyler brings a wealth …

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Social Fasting: A Mind-Focusing Productivity Cleanse

Having a very community-focused job and life means that I (and many others we know) spend a lot of time staying “connected” to our peers through social media. I’m a big fan of the power of social media as well as an opponent to it in certain ways.  My personal social habits include the use of LinkedIn for professional posting …

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My Thoughts on Why Tweets Cannot and Should Not be Editable

With all of the buzz around Twitter looking for a suitor to sell to at the moment, it reminded me that one item always seems to come up when discussing how to use the social media platform. Not many days go by without someone in my timeline asking “Why can’t we edit our Tweets?”. Here are my thoughts as to …