Are you Agile enough? You’re Doing it Wrong

One thing that I’ve found leads to failed adoption of good methods and methodologies is the rigidity of defining when you are actually successful in that system. Let’s use a couple of examples… You could use many different versions of the meme: Are you DevOps enough? Are you Agile enough? Are you Keto enough? I … Read more

Transcribr – A Simple Transcription File Cleaning Tool

If you’ve ever used Zoom or other recording tools that have native transcription, you will know the pain of getting a file that looks like this: Very cool that they do the transcription for you, but there are some things missing. The primary issue is that it’s difficult to read. Transcribr – A Simple Ruby … Read more

The Simple Guide to Rails Pluralization

This is probably one of the simplest things, but something that I have to stop and ask myself over and over again:  when do I use singular or plural when using Rails generators?  I’ve been a long time fan and user of Ruby on Rails.  I’m also not a developer, so working with proper coding … Read more

April 2020 Free Training Special from Pluralsight!

The team at Pluralsight have kindly opened up the platform for free in order to allow folks to skill up while being under the challenge of the current worldwide situation.  Being at home should not mean being out of the game.  If you are looking to skill up on any of a variety of literally … Read more