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Taking a DNS Domain for a Drive on AWS Route53

Every once in a while I revisit a lot of the IT assets I’ve got on the go. I use GoDaddy for a lot of my domain services, and despite some challenges, it has done me well so far. One of the things that I do find limiting is the lack of a programmatic way to manage DNS for a …

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AWS Dedicated – Reducing Noisy Neighbors and More

It’s pretty interesting to see the back and forth as folks discuss the merits of cloud over bare-metal, and vice versa. Something signaled a real nod to the value of bare-metal as a valuable asset in the cloud was the recent announcement that AWS will be offering dedicated EC2 hosts. If AWS is the be-all end-all as some may say, …

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AWS CodeDeploy – Adding some CD Goodness to your EC2 Environments

Configuration Management and Continuous Deployment has become a common tool in the toolkit for many organizations these days. As we see from the content I’ve been doing with my DevOps series co-author Steven Haines at the Turbonomic blog (, we have a lot of people putting their focus on the end-to-end development to deployment experience. Amazon re:Invent is on right …