Join the vExpert 2017 Community! Application Process is Open until 12/16

TL;DR Are you a vExpert and want to re-up for 2017? Click here: Are you keen to join the vExpert community but aren’t a vExpert yet? Click here: Know someone who you want tor refer as a vExpert? Click here: Do you want to see who the current vExperts are? Click here: … Read more

Is Open Source a True Technical Requirement?

What does it really mean to have “must be open source” as a requirement? It’s actually both a requirement and a constraint if you think about it. More than that, is it really a true “requirement”? Let me lead with the fact that I advocate strongly for the use of open source platforms for a … Read more

It’s not Easy, but You’re not Alone Feeling That Way

It’s the middle of #vDM30in30 right now, and that means most of the participants in our 30 blogs in 30 days challenge are about to hit the proverbial wall. Why does that happen? Some call it writer’s block, and most of the folks reading this have faced it at some time. Regardless of what we … Read more

Manually Deploying a Jekyll Website to Amazon S3

Using Jekyll as web site generator is a very powerful way to make use of some interesting ways to create and deliver content. It’s much simpler than having to create and edit the entire site in raw HTML and CSS yourself. There are lots of templates available online to deploy on a Jekyll framework. What … Read more